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MGPNET(1)			   BSD General Commands Manual				MGPNET(1)

     mgpnet -- MagicPoint Netserver (provide MagicPoint presentation over the net)

     mgpnet [arguments to mgp]

     mgpnet is a small http server to be executed on the presenter's notebook computer.  It lets
     audience read MagicPoint presentation foils on her notebook computers, over the net.

     When a presenter performs a presentation, she should invoke mgpnet instead of mgp, with the
     same argument.  mgpnet will become an http server running on tcp port 9999 (by default), and
     invokes mgp as a child process.  By accessing URL http://hostname:9999/, audience will be
     able to read the MagicPoint window currently displayed on the presenter's notebook.  The
     webpage provided by mgpnet is designed in "client pull" manner; audience's notebook will
     reload the page, several times a minute.

     If no option is specified, mgpnet will print the URL to be accessed by the audience to the
     standard output.  This is useful for indicating the URL to be accessed on the presentation,

     %filter "mgpnet"

     Be network conscious.  Current implementation is too naive about CPU/network usage.  Presen-
     ter's notebook may be overloaded if there's too many audiences.

     mgp(1), xwintoppm(1).

     mgpnet was created by Jun-ichiro itojun Itoh <itojun@itojun.org>, on the day before the
     newyear's eve, 1997.

BSD					  April 19, 2018				      BSD
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