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       loaderinfo - report SCSI tape device info

       loaderinfo -f <scsi-generic-device>

       The  loaderinfo command reads various information from SCSI tape loaders. Its intended use
       is for high-level programs that are trying to decide what the  capabilities  of	a  device

       The following are printed:

       Element Address Assignment Page:
		 This  tells  how  many  elements  are in the loader, and what their raw hardware
		 addresses are.

       Transport Geometry Descriptor Page:
		 Will display whether media is invertible or not (usable with some optical  juke-
		 boxes for detirmining whether to "flip" media after writing to the first side).

       Device Capabilities Page
		 Currently will only display whether we can transfer between slots (i.e.  whether
		 'mtx transfer' works).

       Inquiry Page
		 Aside from the normal inquiry info, will also print out whether we  have  a  bar
		 code  reader  (for loaders that support the Exabyte extension for reporting pre-
		 sense of said reader).

       The first argument, given following -f , is the SCSI generic device corresponding to  your
       tape  loader.   Consult	your  operating  system's documentation for more information (for
       example, under Linux these are generally start at /dev/sg0 under FreeBSD  these	start  at

       Under  FreeBSD,	'camcontrol devlist' will tell you what SCSI devices you have, along with
       which 'pass' device controls them. Under Linux, "cat /proc/scsi/scsi" will tell	you  what
       SCSI  devices  you have. Under Solaris 8, find /devices -name '*changer*' will display the
       device names for your attached changers. Make sure to configure your 'sgen' driver first.

       This program has only been tested on  Linux  with  a  limited  number  of  loaders  (Ecrix
       Autopack, Exabyte 220).

       loaderinfo  is  currently being maintained by Eric Lee Green <eric@badtux.org> formerly of
       Enhanced Software Technologies Inc. The 'mtx' home page is http://mtx.sourceforge.net  and
       the   actual   code   is  currently  available  there  and  via	CVS  from  http://source-
       forge.net/projects/mtx/ .


					  LOADERINFO1.0 			    LOADERINFO(1)
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