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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for l2ping (redhat section 1)

L2PING(1)						    Linux System Administration 						 L2PING(1)

l2ping - Send L2CAP echo request and receive answer
l2ping [ -S source addr ] [ -s size ] [ -c count ] [ -f ] < bd_addr >
L2ping sends a L2CAP echo request to the Bluetooth MAC address bd_addr given in dotted hex notation.
-S source addr Select address to be used as source address for the request. -s size The size of the data packets to be sent. -c count Send count number of packets then exit. -f Kind of flood ping. Use with care! It reduces the delay time between packets to 0. bd_addr The Bluetooth MAC address to be pinged in dotted hex notation like 01:02:03:ab:cd:ef or 01:EF:cd:aB:02:03
Written by Maxim Krasnyansky <> man page by Nils Faerber <> BlueZ Jan 22 2002 L2PING(1)