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JSTEST(1)										JSTEST(1)

       jstest - joystick test program

       jstest [--normal] [--old] [--event] [--nonblock] [--select] <device-name>

       jstest  can  be	used  to  test all the features of the Linux joystick API, including non-
       blocking and select(2) access, as well as version 0.x compatibility mode.

       It is also intended to serve as an example implementation for those who wish to learn  how
       to write their own joystick using applications.

	      One-line mode showing immediate status.

       --old  Same as --normal, using 0.x interface.

	      Prints events as they come in.

	      Same as --event, in nonblocking mode.

	      Same as --event, using select(2) call.

       jscal(1), jsattach(1), select(2).

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