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J-PILOT-UPGRADE-99(1)							    J-PILOT-UPGRADE-99(1)

       jpilot-upgrade-99  - A tool for upgrading pre 0.99 jpilot databases to jpilot version 0.99

       jpilot is a palm pilot desktop for Linux/Unix


       Upgrading to 0.99 from a pre 0.99 release:

       I changed the .pc file format.  J-Pilot now uses .pc3 files to store desktop records.

       This was necessary to make it machine byte order independent.  The .pc3 files  should  now
       work  on  NFS  mounted  drives  from different architectures and you can ftp them to other
       machines with different byte orders, etc.

       This may make plugins need to be recompiled, or maybe changed, but I feel this change  had
       to be made before version 1.0.

       You should sync before upgrading to 0.99 from an earlier version.  However if you can't or
       forgot, then you should sync and then run jpilot-upgrade-99 and it will	convert  the  .pc
       files to .pc3 files.

       See /usr/share/doc/jpilot/BUGS

       jpilot-sync(1), jpilot(1)

       Judd Montgomery <judd@jpilot.org>

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