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ISAMCHK(1)						      General Commands Manual							ISAMCHK(1)

isamchk - Description, check and repair of ISAM tables. Used without options all tables on the command will be checked for errors
isamchk [OPTIONS] tables[.ISM]
isamchk [-a|--analyze] [-#|--debug=...] [--character-sets-dir=...] [-C|--default-character-set=...] [-d|--description] [-e|--extend-check] [-f|--force] [-?|--help] [-i|--information] [-k|--keys-used=#] [-l|--no-symlinks] [-q|--quick] [-r|--recover] [-o|--safe-recover] [-O|--set-variable var=option] [-s|--silent] [-S|--sort-index] [-R|--sort-records=#] [-u|--unpack] [-v|--verbose] [-V|--version] [-w|--wait]
-a|--analyze Analyze distribution of keys. Will make some joins in MySQL faster. -#|--debug=... Output debug log. Often this is 'd:t:o ,filename` --character-sets-dir=... Directory where character sets are -C|--default-character-set=... Set the default character set -d|--description Prints some information about table. -e|--extend-check Check the table VERY thoroughly. One need use this only in extreme cases as isamchk should normally find all errors even without this switch -f|--force Overwrite old temporary files. If one uses -f when checking tables (running isamchk without -r), isamchk will automatically restart with -r on any wrong table. -?|--help Display help and exit. -i|--information Print statistics information about the table -k|--keys-used=# Used with '-r'. Tell ISAM to update only the first # keys. This can be used to get faster inserts! -l|--no-symlinks Do not follow symbolic links when repairing. Normally isamchk repairs the table a symlink points at. -q|--quick Used with -r to get a faster repair. (The data file isn't touched.) One can give a second '-q' to force isamchk to modify the origi- nal datafile. -r|--recover Can fix almost anything except unique keys that aren't unique. -o|--safe-recover Uses old recovery method; slower than '-r' but can handle a couple of cases that '-r' cannot handle. -O| --set-variable var=option Change the value of a variable. -s|--silent Only print errors. One can use two -s to make isamchk very silent -S|--sort-index Sort index blocks. This speeds up 'read-next' in applications -R|--sort-records=# Sort records according to an index. This makes your data much more localized and may speed up things (It may be VERY slow to do a sort the first time!) -u|--unpack Unpack file packed with pack_isam. -v|--verbose Print more information. This can be used with -d and -e. Use many -v for more verbosity! -V|--version Print version and exit. -w|--wait Wait if table is locked.
isamchk (1), isamlog (1), mysqlaccess (1), mysqladmin (1), mysqlbug (1), mysqld (1), mysqldump (1), mysqlshow (1), msql2mysql (1), perror (1), replace (1), safe_mysqld (1), which1 (1), zap (1),
Ver 1.0, distribution 3.23.29a Michael (Monty) Widenius (, TCX Datakonsult AB ( This software comes with no warranty. Manual page by L. (Kill-9) Pedersen (, Mercurmedia Data Model Architect / system developer (http://www.mer- 19 December 2000 ISAMCHK(1)