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INCM(1) 						      General Commands Manual							   INCM(1)

incm - Incorporating new mails for Mew
incm [options]
The incm utility incoporates new mails from the mbox or the maildir to Mew's inbox folder. The options are as follows: -a Retrieve all mails from maildir/{cur,new} for maildir. -b Backup mails. mbox: No truncate mbox file. maildir: To maildir/cur directory. -c Use the Content-Length: field, instead of the "From " line, as a mail separator for mbox. -d path Path to mbox/maildir. If path is a file, mbox is assumed. If path is a directory, maildir is assumed. -m path The same as the -d option. -s Read one mail from stdin instead of mbox/maildir. -i inboxdir A path to the inbox directory. -h Display this help message. -v Display the version. mbox For mbox, the mail separator is "From " in the beginning of lines. The incm utility does not convert ">From " to "From " in the beginning of lines in the body. On Solaris, Content-Length: should be used with the -c option to tell the end of mail. To lock mbox, both a lock file("user.lock") and flock() (or lockf(), or open(LOCK_EX) are used. maildir For maildir, no lock and no separator are necessary. Consider the following situation: cur/{1,2} new/{3,4} Executing incm without the options results in: cur/{1,2} new/{} to inbox: {3,4} Executing incm with the -a option results in: cur/{} new/{} to inbox: {1,2,3,4} Executing incm with the -b option results in: cur/{1,2,3,4} new/{} to inbox: {3,4} Executing incm with the -a option and the -b otpion results in: cur/{1,2,3,4} new/{} to inbox: {1,2,3,4} So, if both options are specified, messages are retrieved multiple times. December 25, 2001 INCM(1)