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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for hcp (redhat section 1)

HCC(1)						      LAM TOOLS 					       HCC(1)

hcc, mpicc, hcp, mpiCC - Compile LAM C/C++ programs.
hcc [-showme] ... hcp [-showme] ... see cc(1) and CC(1) (or whatever your underlying C/C++ compilers are) for all other options.
hcc and hcp are convenience wrappers for the local native C and C++ compilers. Translation of a LAM program requires the linkage of the LAM specific libraries which may not reside in one of the standard search directo- ries of ld(1). It also often requires the inclusion of header files what may also not be found in a standard location. hcc passes its arguments to the local native C compiler along with the -I, -L and -l options required by LAM programs. This includes all necessary options for ROMIO and/or C++ bindings support (if ROMIO/C++ support was included when LAM was compiled). hcp is similar, but invokes the native C++ compiler instead. mpicc is now the same as hcc, just as mpiCC is now the same as hcp. See the NOTES section, below. By default, hcc uses the C compiler that was selected when LAM was configured (with the --with-cc flag to ./configure, or by setting the environment variable CC before ./configure was invoked) as the local native C compiler, but this can be overridden by the LAMHCC environment variable. Likewise, hcp uses the C++ compiler that was selected when LAM was configured (with the --with-cpp flag to ./configure, or by setting the environ- ment variable CXX before invoking ./configure) by default, but this can be overridden by the LAMHCP environ- ment variable.
-showme Does not invoke the underlying C/C++ compiler. Instead, it shows the command line that would be exe- cuted to compile the C/C++ program.
Previous versions of hcc and hcp did not automatically link in the MPI library. Starting with LAM version 6.3, since hcc and hcp have become the de facto LAM C and C++ compilers, the -lmpi option is now automatically passed to the underlying compiler when linking LAM/MPI programs. Previous versions of LAM included the mpicc and mpiCC wrapper scripts to automatically pass -lmpi to hcc and/or hcp. These scripts are now obsolete since hcc and hcp now include -lmpi automatically. mpicc and mpiCC are now symbolic links to hcc and hcp, respectively, to ensure backward compatibility.
cc(1), CC(1), ld(1), lam-helpfile(5) LAM 6.5.8 November, 2002 HCC(1)

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