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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for gftp (redhat section 1)

GFTP(1) 			     General Commands Manual				  GFTP(1)

       gftp - a graphical ftp client

       gftp [options] [[proto://][ user : [pass] @] site [: port ][/ directory ]]

       gFTP  is  a multiprotocol file transfer program for X Windows and the console. It features
       support for the FTP, SSH, HTTP, and local file system protocols,  simultaneous  downloads,
       resuming of interrupted file transfers, file transfer queues, downloading of entire direc-
       tores, ftp and http proxy support, remote directory caching, bookmarks menu,  stop  button
       and many more features

       You  may  enter	a url on the command line that gFTP will automatically connect to when it
       starts up.

       --help, -h
	      Display program usage, and quit

       --version, -v
	      This will display the current version of gFTP, and exit

       --download, -d
	      This tells gFTP to download the files and directories specified in the  url  passed
	      on the command line.

       user   This  is	the username that you will login as to the remote site. If no username is
	      supplied, the default is to login as anonymous.

       pass   This is the password you will use to login to the remotesite. If you do not enter a
	      password,  then  gFTP  will  ask	you for one when it starts up. I do not recommend
	      entering your password on the command  prompt.  Anyone  that  has  access  to  your
	      machine  will  be able to see your username and password with the ps(1) command. If
	      you are logging in as anonymous, you do not need to pass a password since gFTP will
	      automatically send your email address as your password.

       site   This is the remote site you want to connect to

       port   This  is	the  port  that  the remote server is listening on. If you do not enter a
	      port, it will default to using the ftp port listed in the services(5) file. If  the
	      entry doesn't exist there, it will default to port 21.

	      This  is	the  default  directory to change to once you are connected to the remote

	      Per user configuration file. This file is commented very well, so that is why there
	      isn't a manpage for it. Most of the options in here can be set inside gFTP itself.

       If you find any bugs in gFTP, please report them directly to the author.

       Brian Masney <masneyb@gftp.org> - http://www.gftp.org/

					  FEBURARY 2001 				  GFTP(1)

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