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GETZONES(1)									      GETZONES(1)

       getzones - list AppleTalk zone names

       getzones [ -m | -l ] [ address ]

       Getzones  is used to obtain a list of AppleTalk zone names using the Zone Information Pro-
       tocol (ZIP).  It sends a GetZoneList request to an AppleTalk router.  By default, it sends
       the request to the locally running atalkd(8).

       -m     List  the name of the local zone only; this is accomplished by sending a ZIP GetMy-
	      Zone request.

       -l     List the local zones; this is accomplished by sending a GetLocalZones request.

	      Contact the AppleTalk router at address.	address is parsed by atalk_aton(3).

       atalk_aton(3), atalkd(8).

netatalk 1.2				   17 Dec 1991				      GETZONES(1)
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