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GEDIT(l)										 GEDIT(l)

       gedit - simple text editor for GNOME

       The  gedit  application is a simple text editor. You can use gedit to create and edit text
       files. You can use gedit plugins to perform a variety of  tasks	related  to  text-editing
       from within the gedit window.

       gedit   [--help]   [--debug[-section]]  [--new-window]  [--new-document]  [--quit]  [file-

       gedit is a text editor for the GNOME Desktop.

       --help Prints the command line options.

	      Runs gedit in debug mode. In debug mode function names are dumped  to  the  console
	      when  they  are invoked. Specific sections for debugging are allowed.  The sections
	      are: window, commands, document, file, plugins, prefs, print,  search,  undo,  view
	      and recent. Run `gedit --help' for more information.

	      Create a new toplevel window in an existing instance of gedit.

	      Create a new document in an existing instance of gedit.

       --quit Quit an existing instance of gedit.

	      Specifies the file to open when gedit starts - if this is not specified, gedit will
	      load a blank file with an Untitled label. Multiple files can be loaded if they  are
	      separated  by  spaces.  gedit also supports handling of remote files.  For example,
	      you can pass the location of a webpage to gedit,	like  "http://www.gnome.org",  or
	      load a file from a FTP server, like "ftp://ftp.gnome.org/robots.txt".

       Gedit accepts pipes, so it can be run after another command to load the output into gedit.
       For example :

       ls -l | gedit

       If you find a  bug,  please  report  it	at  http://bugzilla.gnome.org/enter_bug.cgi?prod-

       Paolo Maggi (maggi@athena.polito.it)

       James Willcox (jwillcox@cs.indiana.edu)

       Federico Mena Quintero (federico@ximian.com)

       Chema Celorio (chema@celorio.com)

					   05 Jan 2003					 GEDIT(l)
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