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GDK-PIXBUF-CSOURCE(1)					      General Commands Manual					     GDK-PIXBUF-CSOURCE(1)

gdk-pixbuf-csource - C code generation utility for GdkPixbuf images
gdk-pixbuf-csource [options] [image] gdk-pixbuf-csource [options] --build-list [[name image]...]
gdk-pixbuf-csource is a small utility that generates C code containing images, useful for compiling images directly into programs.
gdk-pixbuf-csource either takes as input one image file name to generate code for, or, using the --build-list option, a list of (name, image) pairs to generate code for a list of images into named variables. Options --stream Generate pixbuf data stream (a single string containing a serialized GdkPixdata structure in network byte order). --struct Generate GdkPixdata structure (needs the GdkPixdata structure definition from gdk-pixdata.h). --macros Generate *_ROWSTRIDE, *_WIDTH, *_HEIGHT, *_BYTES_PER_PIXEL and *_RLE_PIXEL_DATA or *_PIXEL_DATA macro definitions for the image. --rle Enables run-length encoding for the generated pixel data (default). --raw Disables run-length encoding for the generated pixel data. --extern Generate extern symbols. --static Generate static symbols (default). --decoder Provide a *_RUN_LENGTH_DECODE(image_buf, rle_data, size, bpp) macro definition to decode run-length encoded image data. --name=identifier Specifies the identifier name (prefix) for the generated variables or macros (useful only if --build-list was not specified). --build-list Enables (name, image) pair parsing mode. -h, --help Print brief help and exit. -v, --version Print version and exit. --g-fatal-warnings Make warnings fatal (causes the program to abort).
The GdkPixbuf documentation, shipped with the Gtk+ distribution, available from
None known yet.
gdk-pixbuf-csource was written by Tim Janik <>. This manual page was provided by Tim Janik <>. 04 Sep 2001 GDK-PIXBUF-CSOURCE(1)