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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for fixcvsdiff (redhat section 1)

FIXCVSDIFF(1)															     FIXCVSDIFF(1)

fixcvsdiff - fix problematic diff files
fixcvsdiff [-p] [-b] [file...]
fixcvsdiff modifies diff files created from the cvs diff command, where files have been added or removed. CVS tends to create diff files that patch(1)mis-interprets. The diff file must retain the lines beginning with ``Index:'' in order for the correction to work.
-b Keep a .bak backup file. -p Print out the cvs add and cvs remove commands that must be made after applying the diff, but before running cvs commit.
diff(1), patch(1), cvs(1)
Amir Karger <>, John Levon <>. Man page edited by John Levon <>. patchutils 7 Dec 2001 FIXCVSDIFF(1)

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