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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for festival_client (redhat section 1)

FESTIVAL(1)			     General Commands Manual			      FESTIVAL(1)

       festival_client - client access to festiva; text-to-speech server mode

       festival_client [options] [file0] [file1] ...

       Allows  sending commands and/or test to a festival test-to-speech server.  Festival may be
       started in server mode using the option --server

       festival-clinet allows waveforms ot be generated faster as not time is required for  start
       up.  See the festival manual for more details on recommended use.

       --server <string>
	       hostname (or IP number) of server

       --port <int> {1314}
	       port number of server proces (1314)

       --output <string>
	       file to save output waveform to

       --otype <string> {nist}
	       output type for waveform

       --passwd <string>
	       server passwd in plain text (optional)

       --prolog <string>
	       filename  containing  commands  to  be sent to the server before standard commands
	       (useful when using --ttw)

       --async Asychronous mode, server may send back multiple waveforms per text file

       --ttw   Text to waveform: take text from first arg or stdin get	server	to  return  wave-
	       form(s) stored in output or operated on by aucommand.

	       Output lisp replies from server.

       --tts_mode <string>
	       TTS mode for file (default is fundamental).

       --aucommand <string>
	       command	to  be applied to each waveform retruned from server. Use $FILE in string
	       to refer to waveform file

       This still isn't as general as it should be.  It seems to require lots of  special  little
       options which suggests the general options aren't right.

       Alan W Black and Paul Taylor
       (C) Centre for Speech Technology Research
       University of Edinburgh
       80 South Bridge
       Edinburgh EH1 1HN

					   1st Aug 1997 			      FESTIVAL(1)

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