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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for evolution (redhat section 1)

Evolution(1)				GNOME Applications			     Evolution(1)

       evolution  - Run Ximian Evolution, a groupware suite for GNOME containing email, calendar,
       addressbook, and task-list tools.

       evolution [OPTION] ... [URI]

       This program is a graphical groupware suite; a single application  with	email,	calendar,
       address book, and task-list tools to help you collaborate with other people.

       This  man  page	is  not the central source of help for Evolution. You can find the user's
       guide by running the application and selecting items from the Help menu.  Additional  help
       and  security information are available at the Ximian knowledge base online at http://sup-
       port.ximian.com. For help with additional command-line options, type evolution  --help  at
       the command line.

	      Runs the application.

       evolution "%s"
	      To  use  Evolution as the handler for mailto: links in GNOME applications, open the
	      GNOME Control Center and set the mailto: URL handler to this value. You can do this
	      with  non-GNOME  browsers such as Mozilla, by setting the appropriate value in that
	      application's preferences dialogs.

       evolution mailto:joe@somewhere.net
	      Open the message composer, addressing the message to joe@somewhere.net.

       evolution evolution:/local/Inbox
	      Start the application with the local Inbox folder open.

       evolution default:mail
	      Start the application with the folder mail/calendar/contacts/tasks open.

       evolution --no-splash
	      Start Evolution, but do not display the start-up splash screen.

       evolution --debug=FILENAME
	      Start the application, and output debugging messages to FILENAME.

Ximian, Inc.				       1.2				     Evolution(1)

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