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DPSINFO(1)									       DPSINFO(1)

       dpsinfo - Display PostScript Information

       dpsinfo [ -display name ] [ -debug ]

       Dpsinfo	is  a  utility for displaying information about the DPS extension present in an X
       server or provided by a client-side DPS agent.  Dpsinfo will print out the version of  the
       DPS  protocol  used,  the  language level and version of the underlying PS interpreter, as
       well as the set of font formats supported.

       If -debug is specified, dpsinfo will print out all the PS code sent to the server.

       X(1), xdpyinfo(1), dpsexec(1)

       Juliusz Chroboczek

       PostScript and Display PostScript are trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated  which  may
       be registered in certain jurisdictions.

XFree86 			      Version Version 4.3.0			       DPSINFO(1)
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