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DIRECTOMATIC(1) 					      General Commands Manual						   DIRECTOMATIC(1)

directomatic - Print without spooler
directomatic -P <printdef> [-J jobtitle] [-o option=value [...]] [file]
Directomatic is a filter script to print with free software printer drivers without the need of a print spooler. It is designed to be used together with a Foomatic printer definition file. Options -P <printdef> where printdef is the printer definition file to use. -J <jobtitle> where job title will be printed in the head line of every page of a plain text job. -o option=value Set an arbitrary option. file The file to print. Commands Directomatic will print from standard input unless a file to print is specified on the command line. If your printer definition file is in /etc/foomatic/direct or ~/.foomatic/direct you do not need to specify its path. Put a (instructions in the file) to redirect the output of directomatic to your printer instead of standard output. To make normal users able to print this way add them to group lp and make sure the appropriate printer device file /dev/lpX is group-writable. See
/etc/foomatic/direct/<queue> The foomatic printer definition file.
directomatic returns 0 unless something unexpected happens.
Manfred Wassmann <> for the foomatic project using output from the associated binary.
None so far. Foomatic Project 2001-05-07 DIRECTOMATIC(1)