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CREATELANG(1)				    PostgreSQL Client Applications				CREATELANG(1)

createlang - define a new PostgreSQL procedural language
createlang [ connection-options... ] langname [ dbname ] createlang [ connection-options... ] --list | -l dbname
createlang is a utility for adding a new programming language to a PostgreSQL database. createlang can handle all the languages supplied in the default PostgreSQL distribution, but not languages provided by other par- ties. Although backend programming languages can be added directly using several SQL commands, it is recommended to use createlang because it performs a number of checks and is much easier to use. See CREATE LANGUAGE [cre- ate_language(7)] for additional information.
createlang accepts the following command-line arguments: langname Specifies the name of the procedural programming language to be defined. [-d] dbname [--dbname] dbname Specifies to which database the language should be added. The default is to use the database with the same name as the current system user. -e --echo Displays SQL commands as they are executed. -l --list Shows a list of already installed languages in the target database (which must be specified). -L directory Specifies the directory in which the language interpreter is to be found. The directory is normally found automatically; this option is primarily for debugging purposes. createlang also accepts the following command-line arguments for connection parameters: -h host --host host Specifies the host name of the machine on which the server is running. If host begins with a slash, it is used as the directory for the Unix domain socket. -p port --port port Specifies the Internet TCP/IP port or local Unix domain socket file extension on which the server is listening for connections. -U username --username username User name to connect as -W --password Force password prompt.
PGDATABASE PGHOST PGPORT PGUSER Default connection parameters.
Most error messages are self-explanatory. If not, run createlang with the --echo option and see under the respective SQL command for details. Check also under psql(1) for more possibilities.
Use droplang(1) to remove a language. createlang is a shell script that invokes psql several times. If you have things arranged so that a password prompt is required to connect, you will be prompted for a password several times.
To install pltcl into the database template1: $ createlang pltcl template1
droplang(1), CREATE LANGUAGE [create_language(7)] Application 2002-11-22 CREATELANG(1)

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