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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for autorun (redhat section 1)

AUTORUN(1)									       AUTORUN(1)

       autorun	-  automatically mounts/unmounts CDROMs and executes /path_to_cdrom/autorun after

       autorun [-lmqv?V] [-a EXEC] [-c CDPLAYER] [-e STRING] [-i MILLISEC] [-n STRING]
	       [-t STRING] [--autorun=EXEC] [--cdplayer=CDPLAYER] [--interval=MILLISEC]
	       [--lock] [--mountonly] [--notify=STRING] [--notify-insert=STRING] [--notify-eject=STRING]
	       [--quiet] [--verbose] [--help] [--usage] [--version] [cdromdevices...]

       autorun automagically recognises all available CDROMs in your  system,  mounts  them  upon
       insertion  and  executes  a  possible 'autorun' executable on the CD. To allow an ordinary
       user to do this you have to add the options user,exec in /etc/fstab to the CDROMs you want
       to use.

       You may also use Autorun.desktop for KDE. Just place it in your Autostart folder.

       Command	strings are parsed and %P% is replaced by the mountpoint path. %D% is replaced by
       the device path. After that the command string will be executed using /bin/sh -c  "command

       -a, --autorun=EXEC
	      Execute EXEC, if the CD changes. This executable must be located on the CD. I.e. if
	      you specify "--autorun=myprogram", and your CD is mounted under  /mnt/cdrom,  after
	      the  CD  is  changed,  autorun will attempt to run "/mnt/cdrom/myprogram". (default

       -c, --cdplayer=CDPLAYER
	      Run CDPLAYER, if an audio CD is inserted (default "/usr/bin/kscd")

       -i, --interval=MILLISEC
	      The time to wait in MILLISEC between checks (default 1000)

       -l, --lock
	      Lock the mounted media (unmount by hand)

       -m, --mountonly
	      mount/unmount only (do not execute anything)

       -n, --notify=STRING
	      Command STRING that will executed if the CD  changes  (default  "/usr/bin/kfmclient

       -t, --notify-insert=STRING
	      Command  STRING  that will executed if a CD was inserted and the autorun executable
	      "/autorun"  or  the  one	specified  with  --autorun  was  NOT  executed.  (default
	      "/usr/bin/kfmclient openURL %P%")

       -e, --notify-eject=STRING
	      Command STRING that will executed if a CD was ejected (default "")

       -q, --quiet
	      Don't produce any output

       -v, --verbose
	      Produce verbose output

       -?, --help
	      Give this help list

	      Give a short usage message

       -V, --version
	      Print program version

       Mandatory  or  optional	arguments  to long options are also mandatory or optional for any
       corresponding short options.

       Harald Hoyer <Harald.Hoyer@redhat.de>

       There is a project web page at parzelle.de: http://parzelle.de/.


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