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ACINCLUDE(1)				       GPL				     ACINCLUDE(1)

       acinclude - manual page for ac-archive 0.5.39

       acinclude [OPTIONS] ...

       Generate `acinclude.m4' by scanning `configure.ac' or `configure.in'

	      directory holding subdirectories with config files

       --help print this help, then exit

       -I     DIR
	      add directory to superdir search list for .m4 files

       .      add  current  directory  as  superdir  to  searchlist which is the default if no -I
	      option was given.

	      put output in FILE (default acinclude.m4)

	      print name of directory with subdirs holding m4 files

	      don't be silent

	      print version number, then exit

	      Note that unlike aclocal the subdirectories (!!) of the acdir-path are searched for
	      files  -	the  default will find locals as ./*/*.m4 and always search for ac-macros
	      installed as share/aclocal/*/*.m4 which may include the macros from  ac-archive  or
	      from  packages  that  chose  to  install	multiple  files  into  a  subdirectory of
	      share/aclocal.  The tool will warn at unresolved symbols starting with AX_ just  as
	      the original aclocal program did warn at unresolved macros with AC_.

       Written	by  Tom  Tromey  <tromey@cygnus.com>  modified	for  acinclude	by  Guido Draheim
       <guidod@gmx.de> (C) 2001

       Report bugs with original aclocal to <bug-automake@gnu.org>.  Report problems  with  acin-
       clude to <ac-archive-list@sourceforge.net>.

       Copyright  1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 Free Software Foundation, Inc.  This is free
       software; see the source for copying conditions.  There is NO warranty; not even for  MER-

       The full documentation for the ac-macros handled with acinclude is maintained as m4 source
       and converted to html pages which get installed in doc/ac-archive  subdirectories  in  the
       filesystem at your site. Have a look.

ac-archive 0.5.39			   January 2003 			     ACINCLUDE(1)
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