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RESAMPLE(9.1)									    RESAMPLE(9.1)

       resample, pdup - resample a picture

       fb/resample width [ input ] [ B C ]

       fb/pdup sx sy [ input ]

       Resample resamples the scan lines of its input image (default standard input) to the given
       new width.  The image is decimated or interpolated using  a  well-designed  cubic  filter.
       See transpose(9.1) for assistance with vertical resampling.

       The  reference  explains  the optional filter parameters B and C.  The default values give
       optimal alias rejection, and should not normally be tampered with.

       Pdup scales an image by pixel duplication.  Sx and sy  are  the	horizontal  and  vertical
       scale  factors.	They must be positive integers.  In the output image (written on standard
       output), each pixel of the input image (default standard input) generates an  sxxsy  block
       of identical pixels.


       picfile(9.6), Don P. Mitchell and Arun Netravali, ``Reconstruction in Computer Graphics'',
       SIGGRAPH '88 Conference Proceedings.

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