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PIC2PS(9.1)									      PIC2PS(9.1)

       pic2ps, pic2gif - convert picture files to other formats

       fb/pic2ps [ -c ] [ -h height ] [ input ]

       fb/pic2gif [ -i ] [ -l ] [ -b depth ] [ input ]

       Pic2ps  converts  its  input  image (default standard input) into encapsulated PostScript,
       writing the result to standard output.  If the input image is full-color, its luminance is
       computed  first,  except under option -c, which produces output suitable for a color Post-
       Script printer.	Option -h sets the output image height in inches.  The default height  is
       3", to match the default height of the .BP macro in troff -mpictures.

       Pic2gif	converts  its  input  image  (default standard input) into a Compuserv GIF format
       file, writing the result to standard output.  It converts only the first  channel  of  the
       input  image,  which  may  yield wrong results -- use the -l flag or quantize(9.1) or some
       other dithering filter to reduce color images to a single channel.  Option -i produces  an
       interlaced  output  file.  Option -b sets the number of bits per pixel in the output file.
       The default is 8, which is the maximum.	Option -l makes pic2gif compute  the  NTSC  lumi-
       nance of its input.  If pic2gif's input contains no color map, it assumes that it is a 256
       grey shade monochrome image.


       mpictures(6), picfile(9.6), quantize(9.1),

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