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Plan 9 - man page for pcp (plan9 section 9)

PCP(9.1)												     PCP(9.1)

pcp - copy pictures
fb/pcp [ -wx0 y0 x1 y1 ] [ -ox y ] [ -ttype ] [ -cchannels ] [ -Cchannels ] [ -mcolormap ] [ -M ] [ input [ output ] ]
Pcp copies the input picture (default standard input) to the output file (default standard output). Options control the attributes and content of the output picture. -w x0 y0 x1 y1 causes only the given window of the input picture to be copied. By default the whole picture is copied. -o x y causes the output picture's WINDOW= attribute to be translated by adding (x,y) to the input window coordinates. -t type sets the TYPE= attribute of the output file. The default is to use the input file's type. -c channels causes only the given channels of the input picture to be copied. The default is to copy all channels. If channels not present in the input picture are specified, they are computed in the ``most plausible'' way. For example, a missing alpha channel is set to 255, and an m channel will be synthesized from rgb channels by computing NTSC luminance. A 0 in channels causes a zero channel to be written. -C channels sets the output CHAN= attribute. Channels must be the same length as the selected channels of the input picture. -m colormap attaches the given color map to the output. -M elides the color map from the output.
picfile(9.6), cmap(9.6) PCP(9.1)

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