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LERP(9.1)										LERP(9.1)

       lerp, sub - linear combinations of images

       fb/lerp file fraction [ file fraction ...  ]

       fb/sub file1 file2

       Lerp  computes  a linear combination of a number of input images.  Each input file name is
       followed by a floating-point fraction by which to scale its pixel  values.   The  fraction
       after  the  last  image may be omitted, in which case one minus the sum of the other frac-
       tions is used.  The resulting image is written to standard output.

       Nothing prevents the fractions from being smaller than zero or larger  than  one.   Output
       pixel values that fall below zero or above 255 are clamped.

       Sub  reads  two	images, which must be the same size and have the same number of channels.
       Each channel of each pixel of the output image is the absolute  value  of  the  difference
       between the corresponding input values.



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