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LAM(9.1)																  LAM(9.1)

lam, posit, piccat, picjoin - combine several images SYNOPSIS
fb/lam input ... fb/posit input ... fb/piccat input ... fb/picjoin input ... DESCRIPTION
Lam overlays (laminates) several picture files, writing the resulting picture file to standard output. The output WINDOW= attribute is the smallest rectangle that contains all of the input rectangles. Each pixel of the output image takes its value from the last-mentioned input image that covers that pixel. Output pixels not covered by any input image are set to zero. Posit performs similarly, except that output pixels are computed by compositing the corresponding input pixels, with later input pictures over earlier ones. If the input images have no a channel, posit has the same effect as lam. Piccat concatenates a list of picture files, each above the next, writing the result to standard output. The width of the output file will be that of the widest input picture. If any of the input pictures are more narrow than that, the space to their right will be zero in the output picture. Picjoin is similar, but joins the pictures left-to right. SOURCE
/sys/src/fb/lam.c /sys/src/fb/posit.c /sys/src/fb/piccat.c /sys/src/fb/picjoin.c SEE ALSO
picfile(9.6), Thomas Porter and Tom Duff, ``Compositing Digital Images,'' Computer Graphics, Vol 18, No. 3 (1984), pp. 253-259 BUGS
All pictures must have identical CHAN= attributes. LAM(9.1)

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PIC2PS(9.1)															       PIC2PS(9.1)

pic2ps, pic2gif - convert picture files to other formats SYNOPSIS
fb/pic2ps [ -c ] [ -h height ] [ input ] fb/pic2gif [ -i ] [ -l ] [ -b depth ] [ input ] DESCRIPTION
Pic2ps converts its input image (default standard input) into encapsulated PostScript, writing the result to standard output. If the input image is full-color, its luminance is computed first, except under option -c, which produces output suitable for a color PostScript printer. Option -h sets the output image height in inches. The default height is 3", to match the default height of the .BP macro in troff -mpictures. Pic2gif converts its input image (default standard input) into a Compuserv GIF format file, writing the result to standard output. It con- verts only the first channel of the input image, which may yield wrong results -- use the -l flag or quantize(9.1) or some other dithering filter to reduce color images to a single channel. Option -i produces an interlaced output file. Option -b sets the number of bits per pixel in the output file. The default is 8, which is the maximum. Option -l makes pic2gif compute the NTSC luminance of its input. If pic2gif's input contains no color map, it assumes that it is a 256 grey shade monochrome image. SOURCE
/sys/src/fb/pic2ps.c /sys/src/fb/pic2gif.c SEE ALSO
mpictures(6), picfile(9.6), quantize(9.1), PIC2PS(9.1)
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