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BBOX(9.1)										BBOX(9.1)

       bbox - compute bounding rectangle

       fb/bbox [ -s ] [ -cchannel ] [ -vvalue ] [ picture ]

       Bbox reads the given picture file (default standard input) and prints on its standard out-
       put the minimum bounding box of the interesting pixels of the image.  `Interesting' pixels
       are  those  for	which  a given channel, specified by the -c option, does not have a given
       value, specified by the -v option.  -v defaults to 0, and -c defaults  to  the  a  channel
       (letter 'a' in the CHAN= header line) if the image contains one, or the `m' channel other-
       wise.  If the image has neither a nor `m', option -c is not optional.  By default,  there-
       fore,  bbox prints the bounding box of the visible parts of an image with an a channel, or
       the non-black parts of a monochrome image.

       Option -s causes bbox to instead copy its input to standard output, clipping the image  to
       the bounding rectangle.



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