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SYSMON(8)										SYSMON(8)

       sysmon, stats - display graphs of system activity

       sysmon [ machine [ -option ] ]

       stats [ -option ]

       Sysmon  displays  a rolling graph of various statistics collected by the operating system.
       The statistics may be from a remote machine.  A sample value is taken once per second. The
       number  in  the	top left corner of the graph gives the peak value for the duration of the
       graph.  Lines across the graph represent 75%, 50%, and 25% of the peak value.  Clicking	a
       mouse  button  anywhere in the window cycles through the list of parameters to monitor; an
       option letter sets the initial choice.  The option letters and parameters are:

       [m] mem
	      total pages of active memory.  The  memory  is  displayed  as  a	fraction  of  the
	      machine's total memory.

       [e] ether
	      number of packets sent and received per second.

       [w] swap
	      number  of  valid pages on the swap device.  The swap is displayed as a fraction of
	      the number of swap pages configured by the machine.

       [c] contxt
	      number of process context switches per second.

       [i] intr
	      number of interrupts per second.

       [f] fault
	      number of memory faults per second.

       [t] tlbmiss
	      number of translation look-aside buffer misses per second.

       [p] tlbpurge
	      number of translation lookaside buffer flushes per second.

       [l] load
	      system load average.  The load is computed as a running average of  the  number  of
	      processes ready to run multiplied by 1000 to give some precision.

       The stats program is invoked by sysmon to display the graph.



       Some machines do not have TLB hardware.

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