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SWAP(8) 										  SWAP(8)

       swap - establish a swap file

       swap file

       Swap  establishes  a  file  or device for the system to swap on.  If file is a device, the
       device is used directly; if a directory, a unique file is created  in  that  directory  on
       which  to  swap.   The  environment variable swap is set to the full name of the resulting
       file.  The number of blocks available in the file or device must be at least the number of
       swap blocks configured at system boot time.

       If  a  swap channel has already been set and no blocks are currently valid in the file the
       old file will be closed and then replaced. If any blocks are valid on the device an  error
       is returned instead.


       Swapping  to  a file served by a user-level process, such as kfs(4), can lead to deadlock;
       use raw devices or remote files instead.

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