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SNOOPY(8)										SNOOPY(8)

       snoopy - spy on Ethernet packets

       snoopy [ -abceiltup9 ] [ -np ] [ -N count ]

       Snoopy displays the header and first 20 data bytes of packets received from the local Eth-
       ernet.  The packets displayed depend on the options chosen.  The  following  options  each
       select  packets	from a particular protocol.  If more than one flag is given, packets from
       all those protocols are displayed.

       a      ARP

       b      BOOTP

       c      ICMP

       e      all Ethernet packets

       i      IP

       l      IL

       t      TCP

       u      UDP

       By default all addresses are translated into system names.  The option n suppresses this.

       Snoopy runs in promiscuous mode by default, displaying all packets it can capture from the
       Ethernet.   The	option p causes only packets sent to or from the system snoopy is running
       on to be displayed.

       Option 9 causes the data of TCP and IL messages to be interpreted and displayed as 9P mes-
       sages.	The  N option sets the count (default 20) of the number of bytes to dump in hexa-
       decimal from each packet.

	      Ethernet device


       The CPU servers do not take well to running in promiscuous mode.  If run on  them,  snoopy
       may kill their Ethernets.

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