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NDB(8)											   NDB(8)

       query, mkhash, mkdb, cs, csquery, dns, dnsquery - network database

       ndb/query attr value [ rattr ]
       ndb/mkhash file attr
       ndb/cs [ -n ] [ -f dbfile ]
       ndb/dns [ -s ] [ -f dbfile ]

       The  network  database  holds  administrative information used by network programs such as
       bootp(8), ipconfig(8), con(1), etc.

       Ndb/query searches the database for an attribute of type attr and value value.	If  rattr
       is  not specified, all entries matched by the search are returned.  If rattr is specified,
       the value of the first pair with attribute rattr of all the matched entries is returned.

       Ndb/mkhash creates a hash file for all entries with attribute attr in database file  file.
       The hash files are used by ndb/query and by the ndb library routines.

       Ndb/cs  is  a  server  used by dial(2) to translate network names.  Option -f supplies the
       name of the data base file to use, default /lib/ndb/local.  It is started  at  boot  time.
       It  finds out what networks are configured by looking for /net/*/clone when it starts.  It
       can also be told about networks by writing to /net/cs a message of the form:

	      add net1 net2 ...

       Ndb/cs also sets the system name in /dev/sysname if it  can  figure  it	out.   Option  -n
       causes  cs to do nothing but set the system name.  Ndb/csquery can be used to query ndb/cs
       to see how it resolves addresses.  Ndb/csquery prompts for addresses and prints	out  what
       ndb/cs returns.

       Ndb/dns	is  a  server  used  by ndb/cs and by remote systems to translate Internet domain
       names.  Ndb/dns is started at boot time.  By default dns serves only requests  written  to
       /net/dns.  Option -s causes the server to also answer domain requests sent to UDP port 53.
       Name resolution is performed by searching  the  local  database	and  by  querying  remote
       servers.   The  server for a domain is indicated by a database entry containing both a dom
       and a ns attribute.  For example, the entry for the Internet root is:


       The root of a domain subtree served by the local database is indicated by an entry with an
       soa attribute.  For example, the AT&T research domain is:

       dom=research.att.com soa

       Here,  the  mb entry is the mail address of the person responsible for the domain (default
       postmaster).  Wild-carded domain names can also be used.  For example, to specify  a  mail
       forwarder for all AT&T research systems:


       Ndb/dnsquery  can  be used to query ndb/dns to see how it resolves requests.  Ndb/dnsquery
       prompts for commands of the form

	      domain-name request-type

       where request-type can be ip, mx, ns, cname, ptr....  In the case  of  the  inverse  query
       type, ptr, dnsquery will reverse the ip address and tack on the .in-addr.arpa for you.

       Ndb/mkdb  is  used  in  concert with awk(1) scripts to convert uucp systems files, IP host
       files, and Datakit configuration files into database files.  It is very	specific  to  the
       situation at Murray Hill.

       When  the  database files change underfoot, ndb/cs and ndb/dns track them properly.  None-
       theless, to keep the database searches efficient it is necessary to run	ndb/mkhash  when-
       ever  the  files are modified.  It may be profitable to control this by a frequent cron(8)

       % ndb/query sys helix
       sys=helix dom=helix.research.att.com bootf=/mips/9powerboot
	    ip= ether=080069020427
       % ndb/query sys helix ip
       % ndb/dnsquery
       > 9net.research.att.com ip
       9net.research.att.com ip
       > ptr ptr	  9net.research.att.com

	      first database file searched

	      hash files for /lib/ndb/local

	      service file for ndb/cs

	      where /srv/cs gets mounted

	      service file for ndb/dns

	      where /srv/dns gets mounted


       ndb(2) ndb(6)

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