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0intro	0intro	intro  0intro  auth auth auth.srv auth changeuser
auth convkeys auth guard.srv auth printnetkey  auth  status  auth
wrkey  auth  b.com  b.com  boot  boot booting booting bootp bootp
rarpd bootp tftpd bootp btrace btrace cpurc  cpurc  termrc  cpurc
cron  cron  dkconfig  dkconfig	exsort fs fs fs fsconfig fsconfig
40meg home 80meg home Disclabel home home home	personalize  home
update home echo httpd httpd httpd init init arpd ipconfig ipcon-
fig ipconfig rip ipconfig kfscmd kfscmd ksync kfscmd dkcpu listen
dkcpunote  listen  dkdcon  listen  dkdiscard listen dkecho listen
dkexportfs listen dkguard listen dklogin listen dkrexexec  listen
dksmtp	listen	dkticket  listen  dkwhoami  listen il17005 listen
il17006 listen il17007 listen il17009 listen il565  listen  il566
listen	il7  listen il9 listen listen listen tcp17007 listen tcp2
listen tcp21 listen  tcp23  listen  tcp25  listen  tcp513  listen
tcp515	listen	tcp564 listen tcp565 listen tcp566 listen tcp6000
listen tcp7 listen tcp80 listen tcp9 listen lp lp mkext mkfs mkfs
mkfs  aux/mouse mouse mouse mouse cs ndb csquery ndb dns ndb dns-
query ndb mkdb ndb mkhash ndb ndb ndb query ndb  newuser  newuser
9auth  nfsserver  nfsserver nfsserver pcnfsd nfsserver portmapper
nfsserver aux/pcmcia  pcmcia  pcmcia  pcmcia  pip  pip	plan9.ini
plan9.ini  format prep prep prep qer qer runq qer scuzz scuzz se-
curenet securenet snoopy snoopy swap  swap  stats  sysmon  sysmon
sysmon vga vga
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