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Plan 9 - man page for juke (plan9 section 7)

JUKE(7) 			 Miscellaneous Information Manual			  JUKE(7)

       juke - CD-ROM jukebox

       9fs juke

       Each disc in the jukebox appears as a directory in /n/juke.  Here are descriptions of many
       of them.

       ada		  Ada Software Repository, 1993 edition.

       bookshelf	  Microsoft bookshelf, 1987 edition.

       bookshop 	  Literature from Aeschylus to Wollstonecraft.

       bsd386		  BSD/386 1.0 binary and source release from  Berkeley	Software  Design,

       bwp.*		  Business  white  pages  for  the  U.S.  (different  issue  dates), from

       chess.[12]	  Ken's chess endgames.

       comp.books	  More literature, including ``Revolt of the Cyberslaves''.

       comstock.v2	  Black-and-white stock photographs on business themes.

       cug		  C and C++ source code from the C Users' Group, vols. 100-382 (1993).

       dcw.[1-4]	  Digital Chart of the World from U.S. Department of Defense,  1992  edi-

       dss.???		  Digitized  Sky  Survey  (102 discs covering the night sky); access with

       etl.[cd] 	  Library of images intended for OCR research.

       fractals 	  Fractal Frenzy, V2.0 (1994): images by  Lee  H.  Skinner,  with  source

       freeware 	  ``A lot of free software for UNIX,'' from DEC (Nov., 1992; cf.  ptf.*).

       gifs.galore	  Thousands of full color GIF images in dozens of categories.

       giga.games	  DOS and Windows executables.

       gnu		  Code from the Free Software Foundation: X10R4, X11R2, and X11R3 (1989).

       gnux11r5 	  Code from the Free Software Foundation: X11R5 (1991).

       graphics_formats   Disc	accompanying  Encyclopedia  of	Graphics File Formats by James D.
			  Murray and William  vanRyper	(O'Reilly  and	Associates,  1994),  ISBN

       grips2		  Government Raster Image Processing Software.

       gutenberg	  Electronic Texts of the Gutenberg Project for 1991, 1992, and the first
			  half of 1993.

       internet 	  ``12,000 documents about computers and networks.''

       lanl.92		  ``Scientific visualizations'' from Los Alamos National Laboratory.

       libris_britannia   Public Domain/Shareware Library (PDSL) from Great Britain.

       meckler		  CDROMs in print.

       nasamg.05	  NASA Magellan data (Venus).

       nasavg.??	  NASA Voyager outer-planet data (12 discs).

       nasavo.2001	  NASA Viking orbiter data (Mars).

       nist.hsf 	  National Institute of Standards and Technology Handwriting Sample Forms
			  (experimental OCR system).

       plan_9.* 	  Releases of the Plan 9 operating system.

       ptf.*		  Prime Time Freeware updates (4 discs; cf.  freeware).

       qrz!		  Ham radio stuff.

       rwp[ew].*	  Residential  white  pages  for  eastern and western regions of the U.S.
			  (different issue dates), from PhoneDisc; access with 411.

       shakespeare	  The immortal works of the bard (c. 1600).

       simtel_msdos	  Simtel MSDOS Archive, October 1993 Edition.

       source		  The Simtel20 Unix-C archive, the USENET source archives,  and  a  large
			  collection of MSDOS source code (1992).

       space		  Space and Astronomy CDROM; materials collected by Space Station Freedom
			  BBS, Louisville, KY.

       sprite		  UCB's Sprite network operating system.

       supercomputing.93  Conference proceedings.

       taxinfo.93	  For Windows; as yet not cracked for Plan 9.

       tiger90.*	  Tiger geographic data base used in the 1990 U.S. census (44 discs); cf.

       torontosun.90	  The Toronto Sun for 1990; includes all the articles, plus PCX images of
			  the front page.

       travel.adven	  Photographs of cities, landscapes, mountains, and  oceans  from  around
			  the world, in GIF and TIFF format.

       uwedid1.[12]	  ``University of Washington English Document Image Database I.''

       worldfact.90	  CIA World Fact Book, 1990 edition.

       wp[cesw].*	  White  pages for central, eastern, southern, and western regions of the
			  U.S. (different issue dates), from ProPhone.

       wpf.*		  The AT&T 800-number directory (different issue dates), from ProPhone.

       ym.games 	  Games in source form intended for a Unix environment.

       An NFS server is provided for Unix systems.  The invocation is:

	      /etc/mount -o soft,intr dj:/ /n/juke

       There are only four readers for hundreds of discs.  This material is not distributed  out-
       side Bell Labs.


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