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NAMESPACE(6)									     NAMESPACE(6)

       namespace - name space description file

       Namespace files describe how to construct a name space from scratch, an operation normally
       performed by the newns subroutine (see auth(2)) which  is  typically  called  by  init(8).
       Each line specifies one name space operation.  Spaces and tabs separate arguments to oper-
       ations; no quotes or escapes are recognized.  Blank lines and lines with #  as  the  first
       non-space  character  are  ignored.   Environment variables of the form $name are expanded
       within arguments, where name is a UTF string terminated by white space, a /, or a $.

       The known operations and their arguments are:

       mount [-abc] servename old [spec]
	      Mount servename on old.

       bind [-abc]  new old
	      Bind new on old.

       import [-abc] host "[remotepath]mountpoint
	      Import remotepath from machine server and attach it to mountpoint.

       cd dir Change the working directory to dir.

       The options for bind, mount, and import are interpreted as in bind(1) and import(4).

       bind(1), namespace(4), init(8)

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