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Plan 9 - man page for mpm (plan9 section 6)

MPM(6)					   Games Manual 				   MPM(6)

       mpm, mspe - macros for page makeup

       troff -mpm file ...

       troff -mspe file ...

       These  troff(1)	macros,  largely compatible with ms(6), make better pages.  They silently
       invoke and provide information to a postprocessor that moves floating figures, avoids wid-
       ows,  and  justifies  pages vertically by stretching vertical spaces that result from .PP,
       .LP, .IP, .QP, .SH, .NH, .DS/.DE, .EQ/.EN, .TS/.TE, .PS/.PE, .P1/.P2,  and  .QS/.QE.   The
       packages support different styles:

       -mpm   generic

       -mspe  Software--Practice and Experience

       The following macros are different from or not part of -ms.  Values denoted n have default
       value 1v.

       .BP    Begin a new page.
       .FL    Flush: force out previous keeps.
       .FC    Finish a two-column region and start a new one.
       .KF m  Floating keep, with preferred  center  at  vertical  position  m.   Special  values
	      (default) and are permitted.
       .NE n  Start new page if remaining vertical space on this page is less than n.
       .P1    Begin a program display (constant width font).
       .P2    End a program display.
       .P3    Insert optional break point in program display.
       .SP n exactly
       .SP n  Insert vertical space of height n, stretchable unless exactly is present.
       .Tm text
	      Place page number and text on the standard error output.
       .X text
	      Present text to the hidden page-makeup program as part of a device-dependent output
	      sequence x X text.  Equivalent to \X'text'.

       Useful number registers:
       HM     Header margin; default 1 inch.
       FM     Footer margin; default 1 inch.
       FO     Footer position; default 10 inches.
       %#     Page number of current page.
       dP,dV  Shrinkage of point size and vertical spacing for .P1, in points.

       Useful strings:
       %e,%o  Even and odd page title commands, as .tl ''''.



       ms(6), troff(1)
       B. W. Kernighan and C. J. Van Wyk, ``The -mpm Macro Package'', Unix Research  System  Pro-
       grammer's Manual, Tenth Edition, Volume 2.

       These features of -ms are missing:

	      Document styles other than the default .RP.
	      Space between front matter and first paragraph.  Recover it with .SP 2.
	      Separating rule above footnotes.
	      Keeps assigned to a separate page.
	      Pages with more than two columns.

       Troff  option -o doesn't work with -mpm because only the postprocessor knows the page num-


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