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cfs(4) [plan9 man page]

CFS(4)							     Kernel Interfaces Manual							    CFS(4)

cfs - cache file system SYNOPSIS
cfs -s [-rd] [-f partition] cfs -a netaddr [-rd] [-f partition] [mtpt] DESCRIPTION
Cfs is a user-level file server that caches information about remote files onto a local disk. It is normally started by the kernel at boot time, though users may start it manually. Cfs is interposed between the kernel and a network connection to a remote file server to improve the efficiency of access across slow network connections such as modem lines. On each open of a file cfs checks the consistency of cached information and discards any old information for that file. Cfs mounts onto mtpt (default /) after connecting to the file server. The options are: s the connection to the remote file server is on file descriptors 0 and 1. a netaddr dial the destination netaddr to connect to a remote file server. r reformat the cache disk partition. d turn on debugging f partition use file partition as the cache disk partition. All 9P messages except read, clone, and walk (see intro(5)) are passed through cfs unchanged to the remote server. A clone followed imme- diately by a walk is converted into a clwalk. If possible, a read is satisfied by cached data. Otherwise, the file server is queried for any missing data. FILES
/dev/hd0cache Default file used for storing cached data. SOURCE
/sys/src/cmd/cfs CFS(4)

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WREN(3) 						     Library Functions Manual							   WREN(3)

wren, ata - hard disk interface SYNOPSIS
bind #H[drive] /dev bind #w[target[.lun]] /dev /dev/hd0disk /dev/hd0partition /dev/sd0disk /dev/sd0partition ... DESCRIPTION
The hard disk interfaces (wren, #w, is a SCSI disk; ata, #H, is an IDE or ATA disk) serve a one-level directory giving access to the hard disk partitions. The parameter to attach defines the numerical SCSI target and logical unit number or the IDE drive number to access. Both default to zero. Each partition name is prefixed by hd and the numeric drive identifier. The partition always exists and covers the entire disk. The size of each partition as reported by stat(2) is the number of bytes in the partition, so the size of is the size of the entire disk. The partition also always exists; it is the last block on the disk for SCSI, second to last for IDE. If it contains valid partition data, those partitions will be visible as well. Every time the device is bound, the partitions are updated to reflect any changes in the parti- tion file. The format of the partition file is the string plan9 partitions on a line, followed by partition specifications, one per line, consisting of a name and textual strings for the block start and limit for each partition on the disk. The program prep(8) writes the partition table for the disk; its use is preferred to writing it by hand. SEE ALSO
prep(8), scsi(3) SOURCE
/sys/src/9/port/devwren.c /sys/src/9/pc/devata.c WREN(3)
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