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SCSI(3) 										  SCSI(3)

       scsi - SCSI command interface

       bind #S /dev


       The  scsi  interface  is accessed through a two-level directory.  The scsiid file contains
       the SCSI id of the host interface, typically 7, represented textually.	Some  implementa-
       tions  allow  this  to  be changed by writing to the file; in many cases, the higher-order
       bits are hardware specific.

       Each SCSI target n (0<=n<=7) is associated with a subdirectory #S/n containing files  cmd,
       data, and debug.  The following steps may be used to execute a SCSI command:

	      The command block is written to the cmd file.

	      The data file is either written or read depending on the direction of the transfer.
	      (A command that involves no data transfer is executed with a zero-length write.)

	      The cmd file is read to retrieve the status of the command, returned  as	a  4-byte
	      big-endian integer.

       Writing	an ASCII to the debug file causes tracing information to be written to /dev/klog;
       writing a turns the tracing off.



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