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SCC(3)											   SCC(3)

       scc, duart, uart - serial communication control

       bind -a #t /dev


       The  serial  line  devices serve a one-level directory, giving access to the serial ports.
       There are several devices serving the same files; the particular one used depends  on  the
       machine	involved.   Eia0  is  a stream data file.  It can be read and written to use that
       port.  Reads will block until at least one character is available.  Eia0ctl  is	a  stream
       control	file  associated  with	the port.  Eia1 and eia1ctl are similar, but for a second
       serial line.

       The ctl file can be used to push stream modules onto the port.  One can also write one  of
       the following textual commands to a ctl file:

       bn     Set the baud rate to n.

       dn     Set DTR if n is non-zero; else clear it.

       kn     Send a break lasting n milliseconds.

       rn     Set RTS if n is non-zero; else clear it.

       mn     Obey modem CTS signal if n is non-zero; else clear it.

       pc     Set parity to odd if c is o, to even if c is e; else set no parity.

       sn     Set number of stop bits to n.  Legal values are 1 or 2.

       ln     Set number of bits per byte to n.  Legal values are 5, 6, 7, or 8.


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