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REBOOT(3)										REBOOT(3)

       reboot - reboot CPU after loss of file server connection

       write(cfd, "push reboot", 11);

       fd = open("#^/deltat", OWRITE);
       fprint(fd, "%d", delaytime);

       This  is  a  combined  device  and  stream  module (see stream(3)).  The bootstrap program
       boot(8) pushes the module onto the file server connection of a  CPU  server.   The  system
       will then reboot automatically if the connection hangs up.  The reboot may be postponed by
       delaytime milliseconds by writing the decimal value of delaytime to  Conventionally,  this
       is done by /rc/bin/cpurc (see cpurc(8)).  This mechanism may be used to cause the machines
       at a particular site to come up in a fixed order, such as after a power failure.



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