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LPT(3)											   LPT(3)

       lpt - parallel port interface for PC's

       bind -a #L[123] /dev


       The lpt driver provides an interface to the parallel interface normally used for printers.
       The specifiers 1, 2, and 3 correspond to the parallel interfaces at PC ports 0x3bc, 0x378,
       and 0x278 respectively.

       Lpt?data  is  write only.  Writing to it sends data to the interface.  This file is suffi-
       cient for communicating with most printers.

       Lpt?dlr, lpt?pcr, and lpt?psr are used for fine control of the parallel port.  Reading  or
       writing	these  files  corresponds to reading and writing the data latch register, printer
       control register, and printer status register.  These are used by programs to  drive  spe-
       cial devices.


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