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I82365(3)										I82365(3)

       i82365 - Personal Computer Memory Card Interface Association (PCMCIA) device

       bind -a #y /dev


       The  i82365  driver  provides  an  interface to an Intel 82365-compatible PCMCIA interface
       chip.  This chip supports up to 2 PCMCIA slots, 0 and 1.  Reading pcm[01]attr returns  the
       contents  of  attribute	memory.  Reading or writing pcm[01]mem reads or writes RAM on the
       card.  Reading pcm[01]ctl returns the card's status.

       This driver must be included to use PCMCIA devices such as the NE4100 Ethernet card.   The
       individual card drivers make calls to routines in the PCMCIA driver.



       There is no driver for the Databook PCMCIA interface chip.
       The PCMCIA section of the system is new and less reliable than other pieces of the system.
       Also, its coverage of devices is spotty.

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