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FLOPPY(3)										FLOPPY(3)

       floppy - floppy disk interface

       bind -a #f /dev


       The  floppy disk interface serves a one-level directory giving access to up to four floppy
       disk drives.  Each drive is represented by a data and control file.  There are  no  parti-

       Messages accepted by the ctl file include:

       eject  Eject the floppy, if possible.

       reset  Reset the drive.

       format type
	      (Not  on the Nextstation) Format the floppy.  The type sets the density and type of
	      disk to be formatted; see format in prep(8).

       A read of the ctl file returns a string describing the form factor of  the  disk,  one  of
       31/2DD, 31/2HD, 51/4DD, or 51/4HD.


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