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DUP(3)											   DUP(3)

       dup - dups of open files

       bind #d /fd


       The  dup device serves a one-level directory containing files whose names are decimal num-
       bers.  A file of name n corresponds to open file descriptor n in the current process.

       An open(2) of file n results in a file descriptor identical to what would be returned from
       a system call dup(n, -1).  Note that the result is no longer a file in the dup device.

       The  stat operation returns information about the device file, not the open file it points
       to.  A stat of #d/n will contain n for the name, 0 for the length, and 0400, 0200, or 0600
       for the mode, depending on whether the dup target is open for reading, writing, or both.



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