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CDROM(3)										 CDROM(3)

       cdrom - CD-ROM disk interface

       bind -a #Rn /dev


       bind -a #m /dev


       The SCSI CD-ROM disk interface (#R) serves a one-level directory for a SCSI target holding
       a CD-ROM drive.	Each drive is represented as a single file named #Rn/cdn, where n is  the
       target number.  A separate attach is necessary for each drive.

       On  PCs, Panasonic, Matsushita, and Mitsumi CD-ROM drives connected to a Sound Blaster 16,
       Pro, MCD, or ACX card are also supported.  This interface (#m) device serves a data  file,
       #m/cd,  and a control file, #m/cdctl.  The control file is read-only and contains a string
       stating the type of drive and its port number.  The driver determines the type  of  CD-ROM
       drive by a parameter in plan9.ini; see plan9.ini(8).


       9660srv in dossrv(4), pip(8)

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