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WAIT(2) 										  WAIT(2)

       wait - wait for a process to exit

       #include <u.h>
       #include <libc.h>

       int wait(Waitmsg *w)

       Wait causes a process to wait for any child process (see fork(2)) to exit.  It returns the
       pid of a child that has exited and fills in w with more information about  the  child.	W
       points to a Waitmsg, which has this structure:

	      struct Waitmsg
		    char pid[12];	  /* of loved one */
		    char time[3*12];	  /* of loved one & descendants */
		    char msg[ERRLEN];
	      } Waitmsg;

       Pid is the child's process id.  The time array contains the time the child and its descen-
       dants spent in user code, the time spent in system calls, and  the  child's  elapsed  real
       time, all in units of milliseconds.  All integers in a Waitmsg are formatted as right-jus-
       tified textual numbers in 11-byte fields followed by a blank.  Msg  contains  the  message
       that the child specified in exits(2).  For a normal exit, msg[0] is zero, otherwise msg is
       prefixed by the process name, a blank, the process id, and a colon.

       If there are no more children to wait for, wait returns immediately, with return value -1.


       fork(2), exits(2), the wait file in proc(3)

       Sets errstr.

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