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TMPFILE(2)							System Calls Manual							TMPFILE(2)

tmpfile, tmpnam - Stdio temporary files SYNOPSIS
#include <stdio.h> FILE *tmpfile(void) char *tmpnam(char *s) DESCRIPTION
Tmpfile creates a temporary file that will automatically be removed when the file is closed or the program exits. The return value is a Stdio FILE* opened in update mode (see fopen(2)). Tmpnam generates a string that is a valid file name and that is not the same as the name of an existing file. If s is zero, it returns a pointer to a string which may be overwritten by subsequent calls to tmpnam. If s is non-zero, it should point to an array of at least L_tmpnam (defined in <stdio.h>) characters, and the answer will be copied there. FILES
/tmp/tf000000000000 template for tmpfile file names. /tmp/tn000000000000 template for tmpnam file names. SOURCE
/sys/src/libstdio BUGS
The files created by tmpfile are not removed until exits(2) is executed; in particular, they are not removed on fclose or if the program terminates abnormally. TMPFILE(2)

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TMPFILE(3)								 1								TMPFILE(3)

tmpfile - Creates a temporary file

resource tmpfile (void ) DESCRIPTION
Creates a temporary file with a unique name in read-write (w+) mode and returns a file handle . The file is automatically removed when closed (for example, by calling fclose(3), or when there are no remaining references to the file handle returned by tmpfile(3)), or when the script ends. For details, consult your system documentation on the tmpfile(3) function, as well as the stdio.h header file. RETURN VALUES
Returns a file handle, similar to the one returned by fopen(3), for the new file or FALSE on failure. EXAMPLES
Example #1 tmpfile(3) example <?php $temp = tmpfile(); fwrite($temp, "writing to tempfile"); fseek($temp, 0); echo fread($temp, 1024); fclose($temp); // this removes the file ?> The above example will output: writing to tempfile SEE ALSO
tempnam(3), sys_get_temp_dir(3). PHP Documentation Group TMPFILE(3)
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