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SLEEP(2)										 SLEEP(2)

       sleep, alarm - delay, ask for delayed note

       #include <u.h>
       #include <libc.h>

       int sleep(long millisecs)

       long alarm(unsigned long millisecs)

       Sleep  suspends	the current process for the number of milliseconds specified by the argu-
       ment.  The actual suspension time may be a little more or less than the requested time. If
       millisecs is 0, the process gives up the CPU if another process is waiting to run, return-
       ing immediately if not.	Sleep returns -1 if interrupted, 0 otherwise.

       Alarm causes an alarm note (see notify(2)) to be sent to the invoking  process  after  the
       number  of  milliseconds given by the argument.	Successive calls to alarm reset the alarm
       clock.  A zero argument clears the alarm.  The return value is the amount of  time  previ-
       ously remaining in the alarm clock.



       These functions set errstr.

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