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Plan 9 - man page for plinitbutton (plan9 section 2)

PLINITBUTTON(2) 		       System Calls Manual			  PLINITBUTTON(2)

       plinitbutton, plinitcanvas, plinitcheckbutton, plinitedit, plinitentry, plinitframe, plin-
       itgroup, plinitidollist, plinitlabel, plinitlist, plinitmenu, plinitmessage,  plinitpopup,
       plinitpulldown,	plinitradiobutton,  plinitscrollbar, plinitslider, plinittextview - panel
       reinitialization functions

       #include <u.h>
       #include <libg.h>
       #include <panel.h>

       void plinitbutton(Panel*, int, Icon*, void (*)(Panel*, int))

       void plinitcanvas(Panel*, int, void (*)(Panel*, Mouse*))

       void plinitcheckbutton(Panel*, int, Icon*,
			      void (*)(Panel*, int, int))

       void plinitedit(Panel*, int, Point, Rune*, int,
		       void (*)(Panel *))

       void plinitentry(Panel*, int, int, char*,
			void (*)(Panel*, char*))

       void plinitframe(Panel*, int)

       void plinitgroup(Panel*, int)

       void plinitlabel(Panel*, int, Icon*)

       void plinitlist(Panel*, int, char *(*)(int), int,
		       void(*)(Panel*, int, int))

       void plinitmenu(Panel*, int, Icon**, int,
		       void (*)(int, int))

       void plinitmessage(Panel*, int, int, char*)

       void plinitpopup(Panel*, int, Panel*, Panel*, Panel*)

       void plinitpulldown(Panel*, int, Icon*, Panel*, int)

       void plinitradiobutton(Panel*, int, Icon*,
			      void (*)(Panel*, int, int))

       void plinitscrollbar(Panel*, int)

       void plinitslider(Panel*, int, Point,
			 void(*)(Panel*, int, int, int))

       void plinittextview(Panel*, int, Point, Rtext*,
			   void (*)(Panel*, int, Rtext*))

       Corresponding to each Panel-creation function (see plbutton(2)) is a function that  reini-
       tializes  the  parameters  of  that kind of panel.  The reinitialization functions are all
       named by inserting the string init after the creation function's initial pl.  For example,
       plinitbutton  will  reinitialize  a  panel  created by plbutton.  Their argument lists are
       identical to the corresponding creation function, except that  the  first  argument  is	a
       pointer to the panel to be reinitialized, rather than its parent.


       plinit(2), plbutton(2), graphics(2)
       Tom Duff, ``A quick introduction to the panel library''.


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