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UNIQ(1) 										  UNIQ(1)

       uniq - report repeated lines in a file

       uniq [ -udc [ +-num ] ] [ file ]

       Uniq copies the input file, or the standard input, to the standard output, comparing adja-
       cent lines.  In the normal case, the second and succeeding copies of  repeated  lines  are
       removed.  Repeated lines must be adjacent in order to be found.

       -u     Print unique lines.

       -d     Print (one copy of) duplicated lines.

       -c     Prefix a repetition count and a tab to each output line.	Implies -u and -d.

       -num   The  first num fields together with any blanks before each are ignored.  A field is
	      defined as a string of non-space, non-tab characters separated by tabs  and  spaces
	      from its neighbors.

       +num   The first num characters are ignored.  Fields are skipped before characters.



       Field selection and comparison should be compatible with sort(1).

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