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SYSCALL(1)									       SYSCALL(1)

       syscall	- test a system call

       syscall [ -o ] entry [ arg ...  ]

       Syscall	invokes  the  system  call  entry with the given arguments.  It prints the return
       value and the error string, if there was an error.  An argument is either an integer  con-
       stant  as in C (its value is passed), a string (its address is passed), or the literal buf
       (a pointer to a 1 Kbyte buffer is passed).  If -o is given, the contents of  the  1  Kbyte
       buffer are printed as a zero-terminated string after the system call is done.

       Write a string to standard output

	      syscall write 1 hello 5

       Print the name of the file connected to standard input

	      syscall -o fstat 0 buf


       Section 2 of this manual.

       If  entry  is  not a system call name, the exit status is If the system call succeeds, the
       exit status is null; otherwise the exit status is the string that errstr(2) returns.

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