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SEQ(1)											   SEQ(1)

       seq - print sequences of numbers

       seq [ -w ] [ -fformat ] [ first [ incr ] ] last

       Seq  prints a sequence of numbers, one per line, from first (default 1) to as near last as
       possible, in increments of incr (default 1).  The  numbers  are	interpreted  as  floating

       Normally integer values are printed as decimal integers.  The options are

       -fformat   Use  the print(2)-style format print for printing each (floating point) number.
		  The default is

       -w	  Equalize the widths of all numbers by padding with leading zeros as  necessary.
		  Not effective with option -f, nor with numbers in exponential notation.

       seq 0 .05 .1
	      Print 0 0.05 0.1 (on separate lines).

       seq -w 0 .05 .1
	      Print 0.00 0.05 0.10.


       Option  -w always surveys every value in advance.  Thus seq -w 1000000000 is a painful way
       to get an `infinite' sequence.

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